The Girls on Film
"The Girls on Film project reshoots well-known macho movie scenes using female actors. It's a very simple idea that produces startling and fascinating results."

- - Mathilda Gregory, The Guardian
"That’s the beauty of The Girls on Film – after every scene you are left wondering 'what if?' or just as often, 'why not?'"

- - Sabienna Bowman, Wit and Fancy
"Instead of big studio reboots with women, the closest we get is the indie web series, 'The Girls on Film.'"

- - Monika Bartyzel, Moviefone

"…its pure JJ Abrams."

- - Mathilda Gregory, The Guardian
(Re: Star Trek)
"Nicely done!"

Roberto Orci, Writer of Star Trek
"Ashleigh Harrington impressed with a though-provoking portrayal of a female James T Kirk in a scene from Star Trek 2009."

- -
"...contrary to the Hollywood stereotypes, women can play masculine scenes...if Jeff and Ashleigh get their way, we could soon see a whole new script play out on the silver screen."

- - Carolyn Jarvis, Global 16:9
"...until Hollywood wises up, we have Harrington and Hammond’s innovative and original series to keep us from forgetting what we’re missing out on."

- - Sabienna Bowman, Wit and Fancy
"...these young men and women have taken it to a whole different level."

- - Melissa Silverstein, Women and Hollywood
"This fascinating project points out that a woman can bring a fresh perspective to a character that is generally given to a man."

- - Maura McHugh, Splinster
"[The Girls on Film]...a new twist on gender-bending..."

- - Anne Thompson, Thompson on Hollywood
"The Girls on Film is such a breath of fresh air."

- - Karl Hodge, Den of Geek
"They’re fun and also highlight the types of roles we do and don’t expect to see women in."

- - Gwen Sharp, Society Pages
"The Girls on Film deliberately choose the most blokey, testosterone-fuelled movies – the man-sweat soaked story telling that one might assume just wouldn't fly with women in the lead roles – and remakes them, straight-faced, serious and intense. And they work just as well."

- - Mathilda Gregory, The Guardian
"The Girls On Film blog… recreate famous male-male scenes, with just enough of a girly twist (ie: Tyler Durden applying lip gloss instead of smoking) to remind us that they're not taking themselves all that seriously in this clever little endeavor."

- - Morgan Shanahan, Blog Her
"In a film industry that seldom seems to consider women as more than sidekicks or sex objects a lot of the time, this is a really interesting way of getting us all to think about these issues."

- - Kate Townshend, Women's Views on News
"While Harrington and Taxia do a superb acting job, I think many people are dumbstruck when they first encounter the recreated scene. The masculine repartee between these two women and Harrington's bloody nose challenge the idea that masculinity can only be enacted by men."

- - Lester Andrist, Sociological Cinema
"This is a fan film project that creates powerful, dramatic results on a shoestring budget. And, while the performances here often highlight the differences between men and women, they prove that females are just as watchable in these parts as their male counterparts."

- -Karl Hodge, Den of Geek

The Girls on Film is an interactive web-series that remakes guy-on-guy movie scenes for your viewing pleasure.

David Wright of ABC News interviewing Ashleigh and Jeff

The Girls on Film is helmed by Canadian super-team Jeff Hammond and Ashleigh Harrington. With their combined film and television experience, the pair are the perfect duo to take on Hollywood's hits and give them a new edge.

Jeff Hammond is a director, actor, cinematographer and the CEO of Nautical Mile Films. Check out the site to see more of his work:

You could say Ashleigh Harrington is the next <insert awesome actress here>, but she would correct you and say she is paving her own way. With a keen eye for detail and a storytelling knowledgebase of mythic proportions, Ashleigh has the intuitive talent to be an acting icon in her own right.

Check out The Cast of TGOF
Jeff talking TGOF with Nishi Gupta on Global 16:9
Jeff and Ashleigh on Red Carpet Diary at TIFF 2011

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